Metric Conversion

Weight Units [ Convert More Weight Units ]

gram (g, gm) kilogram (kg) pound (lb)
ounce (oz) carat short ton (US)
long ton (UK) tonne (metric ton) grain (gr)

Length Units [ Convert More Length Units ]

millimeter (mm) centimeter (cm) meter (m)
kilometer (km) inch (in) foot / feet (ft)
yard (yd) mile (mi) nautical mile (nmi)

Area Units [ Convert More Area Units ]

square centimeter (cm2) square meter (m2) hectare (ha)
square kilometer (km2) square inch (in2) square foot/feet (ft2)
square yard (yd2) square mile (mi2) acre (ac)

Volume Units [ Convert More Volume Units ]

milliliter (ml) liter (L) cubic meter (m3)
cubic inch (in3) cubic foot/feet (ft3) pint (pt) [US liquid]
quart (qt) [US liquid] gallon (gal) [US liquid] barrel (bbl) [US liquid]

Temperature Units [ Convert More Temperature Units ]

fahrenheit (°F) celsius/centigrade (°C) kelvin (K)

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About Metric Conversion

In a simple language, metric means measurement of something. This something can be weight, length, area, volume, temperature etc. Units are used for such kind of measurement.

Our metric conversion calculators provides facility to convert one unit to another unit for a particular measurement. Below is the short guide to use the conversion calculators.

To use this Online Metric Conversion Calculators, follow the steps mentioned bellow,

  • Enter the value for the unit to be converted in the respective text box.
  • This will display the converted unit values for the specified unit in the other text boxes.
  • The value of the unit to be converted should be in proper numerical form.

Note: The calculated unit conversion may not be exact for some values. It may be approximate based on the input value of the unit under conversion. Also the unit conversions for same unit may vary based on the country, customery and context of use.

The above calculators converts only commonly used units of the specific measurements. If you want to convert more unit below is the list.

Find more unit conversion calculators below,

For conversion factors in tabular format, please see Metric Conversion Table